Representation Submited to Cheif minister of A.P on G.O.111(Bio Conservation Zone)
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Introduction:Forum For A Better Hyderabad was formed under the banner of “Hyderabad Bachao” (Save Hyderabad), when some of the non-government organizations and citizens, concerned about environmental and developmental issues in and around Hyderabad city, came together in 24th June 2000. The main focus of the Forum will be on advocacy of sustainable development, by highlighting the economic and ecological impacts of environmental problems likely to be created by the developmental activities being undertaken without proper appraisal and assessment.
All those associated with the Forum have already a record of their own in rousing public awareness on many of the environmental issues faced in the twin cities. They have also had some success in certain areas through systematic efforts to convince the authorities or even approaching the Courts of Law. But there was a need to speak in one voice on some major issues, while keeping up the individual initiatives.
About FunctionForum For A Better Hderabad has ten working groups, namely
(1) Urban development, slums and other related matters,
(2) Heritage, culture, etc.
(3) Rock Formation & Ecology,
(4, 9 & 10) Urban Parks, Forests, Birds & Wildlife,
(5) Urban Lakes & Water bodies,
(6 & 7) Urban Transport, noise pollution, Auto Pollution, Industrial pollution, etc. and
(8) Solid Waste Management.
Each group has a Convenor to take-up the activity or issue of the respective group.

The objectives of the Forum are:
   a.To be proactive and constructive
   b.To mobilize public opinion, and
   c.To speak in one voice on major issues, where there is lack of transparency or neglect of environmental considerations in    decision making.
The Excutive committee of FBH
Sri. M. Veda Kumar President
Sri. M. H. Rao Vice-President
Sri. Omin Manekshaw Debara General Secretary
Sri. V. B. J. Rao Chelikani Treasurer ,
Smt. Sangamitra mallik Joint Secretary
Dr. M. Mandal E.C Member
Mrs. Indira Lingam E.C Member
Mrs. Franuke Quader E.C Member
Dr.Kulsum Reddy E.C Member
Committee Convener
Urban Managment Mr.O.M.Debara, Capt.Manohar Sharma.
Heritage, Culture, Art and Musi Revier Mr.M.Vedakumar.
Water bodies, Water supply, Drainage Dr.D.Narsimha Reddy, Mrs.Sanghamitra Malik.
Trafic and Transportation management Mr.R.K.Sinha, Mr.Deepankar Dutta.
Pollution Mr.Umesh Varma.
Right to Information Act(RTA) Dr.M.Mandal.
Forest and Wild life Mr.M.H.Rao, Ms.Farida Tampal.
Housing related Dr.Chelikani Rao, Mr.S.Jeevavkumar (CHATRI)
Ganesh Immersion Dr.Kulsum Reddy.
Rock Formations Mrs.Faruke Quader.
Solid Waste Management Mrs.Indiralingam, Mrs.Sanghamitra Malik
Let us join hands  to save 'G Block Building'  (Saifabad Palace in Secretariat)